Dinner with Gamo's Family

Traditional Bahian dinner (47kb) Enjoying a feast prepared by Rosa (Gamo's Big Sister) (50kb) Maureen ready to experience new tastes (43kb) Enjoying the presence of our delightful host, Rosa (44kb)
Rosa and Nikko (34kb) Lorena (Gamo's daughter) and Nikko (27kb) Maureen, Lorna and Lorena (41kb) Elizete (Gamo's oldest sister) (35kb) Rosangela (Gamo's youngest sister) (28kb)
Monica (Gamo's niece) and friends (46kb) Jorge (Gamo's older brother) and wife (31kb) Rosa, our most gracious host, wearing her Sao Joao hat (49kb) Enjoying the hospitality of Rosa's home (42kb) A wonderful family gathering (60kb)
Nikko, Maureen, and Lorna enjoying desert (59kb) More Yomar (Gamo's brother in Candomble), Rosangela, and Elizete (40kb) Churrasco (Brazilian BBQ) (27kb) Roque (Rosa's husband) in conversation with family (41kb)
Maureen ready for Sao Joao  (41kb) Nikko in Sao Joao hat (49kb) Ebano and Neto (Rosa's sons and Gamo's nephews) (34kb) An impromptu lesson on the pandeiro (47kb) Learning with Neto (57kb)
Roque providing party music on the Ulysses joining in (31kb) Thumbs up from Neto (26kb)