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Classes open to all levels. Students are encouraged, but not required to bring their own drum.Workshop Refund Policy: Candomble and Samba Reggae workshop refunds, minus $15 processing fee, are possible if notified in writing prior to or during the first week of class. After the first week of classes, all fees are nonrefundable.

Afro-Brazilian Drumming

Practice with Quimbanda and prepare to perform! Gamo instructs students to play in a Brazilian Drum Ensemble or Batteria. Several different types of drums are played to create a rhythmically soulful sound. Open to women, men, and all levels of drummers. Come prepared to move and groove!

Class Description:

Samba Reggae is a mixture of Brazilian Samba and popular Reggae music. In Brazil, this serves as popular music played at festivals, parties, and other social gatherings. Samba Reggae is most noted for its role in Carnaval, a massive parade of music and dance.

Candomblé Rhythms

Gamo teaches the culture and drumming traditions of Candomblé, one of the oldest Brazilian religions originating from Africa. As a third generation Master Drummer raised in the Candomblé tradition of the Ketu nation, Gamo works with all levels of students to teach drumming techniques and rhythms along with the traditional songs that accompany each rhythm.

Class description:

The practice of Candomblé embraces men and women of all ages and cultures. Gamo's previous classes have attracted doctors, CEO's, educators, college students, and others from all walks of life. The teachings of Candomblé and the Orixás are universal. Regardless of religious affiliation, participants learn to focus on "the Spirit" which has no race and is not particular to one group of people. The practice of traditional drumming and chanting in an ancient language serves as a channel to that spiritual awareness. Ultimately, this class takes on a therapeutic nature as participants immerse themselves further into the awareness of Orixás as spiritual guides revealing a connection unique to each individual. This understanding of the anthropomorphic qualities of the Orixás allows participants to further understand the healing power of the Candomblé tradition.

Drumming Up Health!™
Consider for a moment how often we hear people say they feel "out of sync" - in other words they're out of rhythm. Drumming is one way to reconnect with life's rhythm and get back into a healthy cycle. Class Description:
This class will focus on learning the basic techniques of drumming while creating simple rhythms in a group setting. Drumming, like meditation, is about focusing on one thing intently. Students will discover how to use drumming to achieve a meditative state that will help to release stress, regain mental and physical balance, and prepare for a more productive and attuned sense of well-being. No previous drumming experience necessary.

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